Thursday, 21 January 2010

Year1-Project: Mimic

Mimic is the major project I developed during my first year in MACD, CSM.
Perhaps because I’ve been living far away from my mother tone for years, I pay
attention to non-verbal communication even more, in order to communicate. So
I decided to work on body language for my major project.

I’ve been particularly interested in one term Mirroring.
Mirroring is people specially when they are friends or family, they usually adopt
similar body postures. They do this unconsciously as part of a natural body
display of companionship. Imitating exist widely in daily life, also seen a lot from
kid’s instinct of learning. Imitating can be mirroring or mimicking. Mirroring, is
more of passive and unintentional, while a similar action mimicking is with intention.

My intention here is to articulate the process of a foreigner/immigrant trying
to adopt life style, culture, and eventually forming new identity of oneself, as a
response to my own personal experience of “inbetweeness” and “stateless”,

I decided to mimic strangers' gestures on various locations and daily life based
context, and take photographs to document the mirroring performance of mine.

Genral: Performative ducometary.
Medium: 35mm, 120, digital.






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