Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I'm Sorry

Searching for Sorry Faces:

I, have this particular feeling when a man says sorry to me, with that expression on his face: “So sorry, but there is nothing I can do about it.”

I remember when I was about 16, I fell in love with a boy because I saw this expression on his face. Years after, I’ve heard so many times the same words: I’m sorry. I’m sorry, seen the same expression on different faces. Sorry, but there is nothing I can help. Again, the other day, I was told: when a man says sorry, he really means it. A man cannot fake feeling guilty. Oh? Really? Just like when a man says “I love you”?

Deep inside, I have never got over any of those men who hurt me, whether I’ve got apologize or not, apologize in person or just a line in email, text message. I still can’t believe, they’ve left me, stopped loving me. I can’t stand the idea of thinking how I’m just a stranger for them, I mean, who used to be the most closed person in the world.

I decide to search for Sorry Faces, to make up my dissatisfaction of those imperfect endings of love. I approach men I don’t know to pose for my camera, acting out a guilty, sorry expression.








  1. Hah ! i know the 4th guy... mikael. :)
    nice idea, the 5th guy has the best expression.. at least the one that fits your idea best.

  2. wow, what a small world!
    I chose strangers, so even if their expression is not so convincing, it's part of the story here:)