Friday, 19 April 2013

Starry night on the mountain in Norway

2005, when I was taking my Animation Bachelor Degree in Norway, I took an optional course -outdoor life. In one of the trips that took place in the course, we had one self camping night with smaller group of 3 person.

My group had chosen a spot next to a stream and under a huge pine tree. Night sat in early when you are in Nature, about 8 o'clock I remember. I was lying in my sleeping bag, all tacked and ready to sleep however it was way too early a bed time for all of us. This one middle age Norwegian woman from a tiny little village (about 5-10 residents) in my group then started to sing a traditional Norwegian lullaby. It was beautiful and surreal, whilst I was staring at the stars through the tree branches.

One of these nights I will never ever forget about. And here I'm trying to capture the feeling.

And guess who?

Another fun sketch I painted. Guess who it is? --- ^_^
 Qian Shi © All Rights Reserved 

Summery girl

I was quite a boyish girl during my teens and early twenties, it's a privilege to be young, sunshine and energetic! And of course, I was wearing Converse shoes(or similar kind) everywhere!
Was sorting my old sketches and found one that described this feeling pretty well, so I made this one based on that sketch.
And let's hope summer is finally near us!
 Qian Shi © All Rights Reserved